Freelance Writing Advice: How Much Can a New SEO Writer Make

As the publisher of a blog on SEO writing, one of the questions I field a lot is earning potential, ie, new/aspiring freelancers wanting to know, “Just how much can a new SEO writer make?” This depends on several factors, four of which will be discussed here.

Before we get to that though, let’s look at some hard figures about how much SEO writing jobs pay.

SEO Content Writing: Average Industry Salary

According to job search site SimplyHired, the average salary in this niche is $66,000 as of this writing (September 2013). I started tracking this a few years ago and noticed that from September of 2012 to April of 2013, the average salary increased from $56,000 to $66,000 (where it stands now).

How does this stack up against what most Americans earn? According to the CNN Money article, Wages stink at America’s most common jobs:

“Workers in seven of the 10 largest occupations typically earn less than $30,000 a year, according to new data published… by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a far cry from the nation’s average annual pay of $45,790.”

Factors that Impact Your Earning Potential as a New Search Engine Optimization Writer

So the earning potential as an SEO content writer is high. Now, let’s turn to the four most important factors that impact how much you can earn.

1. Writing Samples: These are, in essence, your “resume” when it comes to proving your abilities as an SEO copywriter. For, they prove to prospects that you know how to write for the web in this capacity.

2. Understanding of SEO: You must have a fundamental understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). This includes not only an overall grasp of what this technical concept is all about, but how the guidelines impact how content for the web should be written.

A good SEO copywriter training class can teach you everything you need to know.

3. Niche: It’s been my experience that those freelancers who specialize in a niche tend to earn more than those who don’t. This is especially true if you specialize in high-paying writing niches like technology, medicine and law, because there’s less competition than in say, fashion writing; hence, you can charge more.

4. Marketing Ability: Freelance SEO content is a business. You must treat it as such, which means making marketing part of your daily/weekly duties.


Notice how I didn’t list “experience” as one of the most important factors that impact how much you can make as a new SEO writer? That’s because, while experience is important, it’s not nearly as important as what’s discussed here. When I first started writing this type of web content in 2007, I had no experience – but landed jobs the first week.

And that’s because the need for this type of writing professional is so great due to the popularity of content marketing, that once prospects saw proof that I could do it (via my SEO writing samples), most never even bothered to ask about experience.

So if you conquer these four areas, your earning potential is practically unlimited doing this type of technical writing – especially if you add complementary services like social media account management to your freelance business.

Benefits of a Trained Dog

It is a joyous feeling to be around a well trained dog. Trained dogs are very sociable. In addition to that, they are also at a lesser risk of biting since they do not jump up on people. Even in environments which are very distracting, these trained dogs stay calm.

Some dogs are abandoned in the pound. As opposed to that, dogs which are well trained have the possibility of staying with the same owner. Journal of the American veterinary medical association conducted a research and found that training was not given to 96% of the shelter dogs.

Boundaries can be taught to the dogs through training and hence you can help them to be more comfortable when they are around human beings. There are lots of professionals who train dogs and there are different variety of programs to train the dogs. However, if a person possesses business card, it does not mean that they are qualified to train your dogs.

In order to find a good dog trainer, enquire your family and friends because they might know a trainer who is good. You can also ask the owners of the dog while you take your dog out for a walk. They might recommend you a good one. After finding a good trainer, discuss with them about the training method they intent to teach. Numerous dog training methods have been developed over the years and some have been in and some have been out of fashion. Question the trainer about the method of training they use, what are its benefits, and why are they using that method. You can ask for references also.

You can choose to find a training professional for your dog or you can train by yourself. But the important thing is to teach your dog socializing and commands.

Areas to cover in training include:

  1. Socializing to a stranger: This is very easy to do since you can introduce them to others while you take your dog out for a walk around your neighborhood.
  2. Socializing with the other dogs: This can be easily accomplished in classes for dog training, dog parks are also better places for this.
  3. Steady pace leash walking: As soon as you get a new dog, you can start training on this.
  4. Crate training: Since there are times when dogs need to stay in kennels for a longer time, it is important to teach your dog tolerance to stay in this environment for hours together.
  5. Sit command: The first command that the new owners of the dog teach them is this.
  6. The stand/down command: The stand and down commands can help your dog in developing boundaries.
  7. Stay command: If you take your dog in an environment which has a lot of distractions, this command is very important. Your dog should master this command.

You have a lot of potential benefits if you have a dog which is well trained. But, down the road, even a well trained dog can develop behavioral problems such as separation anxiety. It gives a nice feeling to be around a well trained dog and training helps in strengthening the bond between humans and animals.

Medical Billing and Coding Schools – Always Settle For Accredited Institutions

There are many medical billing and coding schools you can consider for your training. They offer a wide range of programs to suit the needs of different students. When looking for an institution for your training, it is imperative to consider an institution that is accredited. Accredited institutions offer quality training and this is very essential because it allows you to get started on the right path in your career.

To find accredited medical billing and coding schools, it is essential that you do your homework well. There are different accreditation bodies including commission of accreditation for health informatics and the American Academy of Professional coders. It is imperative that find out a list of schools within your locality that have been accredited before your enroll. Additionally, there are organizations that offer accreditation to the institutions. Therefore, it is essential that you seek recommendations from the organizations whether the schools your interested in are accredited. Settling for an accredited institution offers peace of mind because you will benefit from quality training and programs that suit your career need best.

Additionally, accredited medical billing and coding schools offer the best programs. This is based on the fact that they are certified by national certification bodies. Therefore, the programs they offer are acceptable and meet set standards. You can utilize the internet to learn more about a school you wish to enroll for your training. You will find valuable information that enables you to settle for a good school, get quality training and enhance your chances of becoming a competent professional in the future. It is good to note that if you present your resume to an employer, he or she will always give you a priority if the institution and programs you settled for are accredited.

Once you find accredited medical billing and coding schools, there are also other important factors you should keep in mind.

• Ensure the programs a school offers fit your career needs as well as your schedule
• It should fit your budget
• And find a school that has the best facilities and values your training

Choosing such an institution enhances your chances of getting the best training in the market. You will get started on the right path towards achieving your career goals. Therefore, never make hasty decisions when choosing a school for your training. Take time and seek recommendations from friends, families and relevant bodies to find a school that meet your specific goals.

How to Learn an American Accent on Your Own?

Are you looking for some tips on how to learn an American accent on your own? Do you want to quickly improve your accent? If so, keep reading, because you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to help you! Here are three tips that will greatly help you learn an American accent on your own.

1. Practice with Americans online

Use sites such as Italki or Polyglot Learn Language to look for native American speakers who want to learn your native language (practice on Skype) in exchange for a conversation in English. Ask them to correct your accent and don’t be afraid of speaking! Try to imitate the way native speakers speak.

2. Learn the rules of American intonation and pronunciation

Use Google to search for free (or paid) lessons or courses on how to learn the rules of an American accent. It’s very important to learn all of these rules if you want to quickly improve your accent. Especially if you don’t know how to correctly pronounce every single sound or how to stress words in a sentence.

3. Immerse yourself in American English

The best way to learn an accent is to listen to it on a daily basis. Watch American movies, listen to the radio, music, podcasts, speak with native speakers, travel to America or host Americans at your home thanks to

That’s it – three tips on how to learn an American accent on your own. Keep in mind that the best way to learn a new accent is to work on it a daily basis and immerse yourself in it (listen to and speak American English). Thanks to this, you’ll quickly achieve your goal and speak with a better accent. Good luck and have fun while learning!

No Medical Exam Life Insurance – Things You Need to Know

People that desire a no medical exam life insurance policy won’t encounter too many problems. This applies most commonly to term life policies.

The best way to do this is by using the Internet. Search the many sites hosted by insurance companies that offer this type of policy.

In advance of initiating your search, be advised that not anyone will get a no medical exam life insurance policy.

Once you locate a spot of interest you’ll have to complete a questionnaire. Most will require that you offer privileged information about yourself. Insurance companies consider your medical history and that of your family.

Knowing this assists agents in determining your eligibility for a no medical exam life insurance policy. Usually, one will be required to be a reasonable age and in excellent well being to meet the criteria.

You must be conscious of the repercussions of falsifying life insurance submission. While it is very easy to do because not much is verified in advance, in the event that a claim is filed and the truth is discovered the policy will be canceled and nothing will be paid out.

If you claim to not have any pre existing conditions and then you die, you had better not have had any pre-existing health problems. Be certain that you comprehend the policy and be truthful. The purpose of the medical exams is to offer protection for the insurance company. If you have a serious and potentially fatal health condition, the life insurance company wants to make sure they receive the necessary amount of payments to cover you and your beneficiaries.

To ensure you get the best rate obtain and compare quotes from at least five quotes sites. This will save you loads of cash. And, it will take just a total of about 25 minutes.

Millville Delaware Online Education

Although Delaware is small in physical size, it was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States on December 7, 1787. Because of this, Delaware is known as the “First State” of the new federal union. Millville, Delaware is a small town itself, with a population of 259 in the year 2000, located about a mile away from Ocean View. For small towns, online education can make earning a higher education much easier.

The town of Millville, Delaware is in Sussex County, where the beach resort areas are located. A great deal of development is occurring in this county that was formerly predominantly for farming and home to many chicken farms. People from surrounding area moved here to live in close proximity to the beaches. This makes traffic difficult because people from surrounding states also come to visit these beaches. Rather than confront traffic, folks living in coastal areas can conveniently attend classes online. There are three major colleges within the state that offer local students a variety of Millville Delaware online education options.

Delaware Technical and Community College – Jack Owens. This campus is located in Georgetown, Delaware and is about 22 miles away from Millville. This community college system has locations in four cities. The Owens Campus was the first campus to open in September, 1967. Ninety-two percent of the students who attend Delaware Tech are from the state. The enrollment at this college last year was 5,274.

Students can take a variety of courses online at Delaware Tech to support career, general and developmental education, as well as gain workforce training. Delaware Tech offers online Office Administration Technology online and is a member of the Electronic Education Campus.

Courses at Delaware Tech are entirely web-based and offered on a web site provided by the College. The class consists of a course web site, instruction and student email and various online discussion sessions. Coursework it posted on the course web page and student complete assignments and testing online The courses require students to have access to a computer with a minimum 64 MB RAM and Windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP. Online advisors are available to discuss course offerings and requirements.

Delaware State University. The Delaware State university is located about 37 miles away from Millville in Dover, Delaware. This college was established on May 15, 1891 as the State College for colored Students under the Morrill Act of 1890. Today, Delaware State University enrolls 3,722 students who come from 28 states and 31 different countries.

Students attending Delaware State University can choose from 66 undergraduate degrees, 16 graduate degrees and 2 doctoral degrees, with options such as education, visual and performing arts, mathematics, accounting and finance, nursing and more. Over the past 115 years, this University has grown into a fully accredited university with a main campus and two satellite sites that consist of six colleges.

Delaware State University has a variety of distance learning online education experiences that involve teacher planning, technology and various instructional methods that bring together teachers and students at all different times and places. Their unique approach includes classroom learning combined with online resources, as well as courses that are offered in a totally web-based format.

Online education at Delaware State University is presented through a system by Blackboard because it is easy to use for managing courses. Three course categories are offered on websites at Delaware State University with varying levels of web use and importance. Some courses are blended learning experiences, while other classes occur completely through a virtual classroom.

University of Delaware. The University of Delaware is in Newark, around 78 miles away from Millville Delaware. The University was founded in 1743 and is a unique, state-assisted institution of higher learning with a charter, making for an interesting mix. Enrollment at the University of Delaware is 15,211.

There are over 100 academic majors for undergraduates to choose from at the University of Delaware. The faculty consist of internationally known teachers, scientists and authors. The University of Delaware is one of 222 colleges named a Best Northeastern College by The Princeton Review. Students attending the University of Delaware represent almost every state and several foreign countries.

Millville Delaware online education students receive the same course content in a virtual classroom as traditional students get in a face-to-face setting. At the University of Delaware, requirements for online students are the same as those for students attending the campus in person. The only difference between an on-campus degree and a degree obtained through distance learning is the manner in which the course is delivered

Millville, Delaware has no schools and a minimal population. Because of this, it is considered a bedroom community for nearby towns such as Bethany Beach, which is three miles away. Millville Delaware online education offered through outstanding universities give students an opportunity to realistically to attain higher education.

What To Expect In A Security Guard Training Course

Security guards, security officers and patrolmen are employed to watch over property and people within that property, if applicable. Sometimes, they provide armed protection, which requires even further licensing by many different government organizations. For the most part, higher security preferences will involve guards to complete additional lessons and training. Some might also be susceptible to tighter policies and selection processes. Such as, casino surveillance officers and armored car guards call for extensive training that’s typically not required of a industry-standard unarmed security officer.

Although training can be done totally on the internet, people ought to be physically capable to undertake future jobs, which include standing and walking for long stretches of time. Often, for licensing and employment, individuals must carry out background and drug tests, as well as finish off additional training requirements.

The Powers to Arrest Course

This training course covers the complete obligations and responsibilities of a security guard associated to the arrest of people. It will teach students how to successfully take on an arrest scenario, covering issues which include escalation and de-escalation of force, legal implications in trespass and restraint strategies.

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Course

This course familiarizes pupils with ways for accurately looking for and reporting possible terrorist activities. Terrorism is studied, and different weapon types are gone over in order to equip security officers with the capability to help and safeguard others in the case of a terrorist event.

The Public Relations Course

Security guards are trained in ideas to stay away from stereotyping that borders on discrimination. This program will teach students correct practice in response to discriminatory conduct in the job. They learn to discover warning signs connected with aggression, drug abuse and psychological illness.

The Observation and Documentation Course

Individuals in the course discover methods of observation and patrol, yielding adequate report writing. They’re presented how to ask the most appropriate questions and distinguish indications of dubious activity.

The Communication Course

This course discusses internal and external processes of communication for security guards. Individuals gain knowledge of the appropriate utilization of radios and monitors for internal communications. When and just how to call up external aid, such as the authorities, the fire department or paramedics not to mention various other government services.

The Liability and Legal Aspects Course

Students learn about the legal implications of being employed as a security officer. Themes that include personal and employer liabilities are covered. Applicants also study distinct criminal, civil and administrative laws and regulations as they pertain to the job.

How Grandparents Can Help to Fund College Education

Nowadays, it is very costly to pursue a college education. Hence, students will have to find all ways to pay for it. It is good to start a saving plan early for your children’s college education when they are still kids.

Normally, parents will take up the responsibility to start a college education fund for their children. Some grandparents also chip in to help. In fact, if both parents and grandparents play a part in helping to save for the kids’ education, it is easier to come up with enough money for the college education.

Here are some suggestions which grandparents can consider if they want to help their grandchildren with the university tuition fees.

Instead of buying birthday gifts to the grandchildren especially they are still quite young, grandparents can consider give a cash gift to the parents. This cash gift can add to the grandchildren education saving fund.

Do you know that grandparents can assist their grandchildren in qualifying for scholarships and grants? Unknown to a lot of people, there are awards available for grandchildren of certain groups of people. As a grandparent, you should make effort to find more about these scholarships and grants which can sponsor your grandchildren to go college. It is worth every effort and time to find out because it can be a great help to your grandchild.

By helping to make contributions to grandchildren college saving plans, it brings benefits to both grandparents and grandchild. When a grandparent takes up a 529 college savings plan for his grandchild who is dependent of his parents, this is not reported on the student’s financial aid application. Thus, the child can qualify to more help as compared having their parents owning the plan instead. Also, this college savings plans provide an alternative for the grandparents to transfer their assets out of their names.

Alternatively, a grandparent can co-sign with his grandchild for a student loan. However, do bear in mind that if your grandchild which is the student defaults on the loan, the responsibility of the repayment lies on you as the grandparent.

If a grandparent has retirement fund, he can borrow to help his grandchild to pay for the college costs first. By taking this path, you must remember that you will have less time to have the money back as compared to the student will with a student loan.

In fact, one of the most wonderful gifts that a grandparent can give to his grandchild is a college education. Before you start to take up any option, it is good to pause and think through it carefully. Getting the right option, it will work very well for both grandparents and grandchildren.

How to Sell Coaching? – 5 Steps to Shoot

Selling coaching online is dam easy once you know the right coaching selling formula. What if you discovered how easy it is to boost your coaching income starting today? Here are 5 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Know exactly what your prospects want from you?

Step 2 – Setup an action plan to launch your coaching business.

Step 3 – It is important to setup your sales funnel plan in advance to end up making more money.

Step 4 – How to promote your coaching using this powerful tool?

Step 5 – How to build your list of subscribers that purchases your coaching online?

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Know exactly what your prospects want from you?

Before you go about setting up your coaching business it is important that you know what your niche exactly wants. This will take some research from your side where you have to visit few forums where you can check out the exact problems and questions that your niche audience have. It is important that you set up a powerful action plan to get started with a high income coaching program.

Step 2 – Setup an action plan to launch your coaching business.

Your action plan is the key to boost your coaching income easily. All you have to do is write down everything that you will do from start to finish setup your coaching business and promoting it massively. Having a goal and a plan to take action will help you to move at massive speed and this will boost your income easily. What is a sales funnel and how it can easily boost your Internet income right through the roof?

Step 3 – It is important to setup your sales funnel plan in advance to end up making more money.

A sales funnel can easily skyrocket your Internet income and help you to boost your coaching income beyond their wildest dreams. What you need to do is create multiple coaching programs from low-cost to a high priced coaching and then setup quality e-mails to promote them and finally load them in your autoresponder system. Now you can funnel all your visitors to this e-mail marketing campaign and this will help you to sell your coaching program easily to your audience in the long run. How to easily boost your coaching conversion rates right through the roof?

Step 4 – How to promote your coaching using this powerful tool?

Setup simple Teleseminars on a monthly basis where you train your subscribers absolutely free to solve their most pressing questions in your niche. This will tremendously boost your relationship with your subscribers and they will consider getting inside your coaching program for more information and help from your side. Here is the process that you can use to build your list at massive speed.

Step 5 – How to build your list of subscribers that purchases your coaching online?

The first thing you can do is set up a simple squeeze page where you allow your visitors to subscribe to your list and give them a simple free gift in return. Then you can set up a simple viral marketing campaign where you create a simple free e-book and pass it on over the Internet. This viral marketing campaign will easily help you to boost your website traffic to your squeeze page and this will help you to build a massive list instantly.

Education Career – How to Succeed in Education

Success in an education career can be planned, but it has to be part of your attitude. You cannot teach unless you have a knack for explaining knotty subjects in clear and simple terms. Moreover, succeeding in education is not related to a certification even though you require one to work in schools. You can light up your life if you harbor a secret passion to teach and deliver lectures in an engaging way.


You best bet for embarking on a school career would be to go for a certification that will allow you to enhance the value of your resume. Teaching certifications are the first step as without the qualification, your CV is likely to be swept aside. You would automatically stand a better chance with a degree. Teachers are in a best position as the government is pumping in more money than ever before and making it easier for many students to pursue and complete their education.


Even stay at home moms are being encouraged to get back to college and pick up the lost threads of their past life when they gave up on higher education. Like old times, a teacher’s job is very taxing and if you can surmount the odds and gel with the students, you could be a greatly admired teacher and a rave with students inside and outside the classroom. For a school career and also in education planning, you should make sure to enhance your selection chances.

Match standards

Get a hang of the education programs before you go in for a job interview. If you are planning to embark on an education program in a school belonging to your district, get to know the job requirements. It is all about education career planning and your best bet would be to gear yourself to the standards demanded. It would be easier for you to sail through the interview if you know exactly the ethos that the school stands for and the type of students you would have to deal with.

Your education career can start off with teaching jobs in K-12 grades. There have been loads of developments in the teaching sector which has made it possible for people with an inclination to teach to find their dream jobs. Times have changed and a teaching career demands a lot more than it did a few decades ago.

Fine tune lessons

Even for an online education career, you have to fine tune your lessons. Fine tuning to specific needs of students will test your mettle as you have to teach students coming from different socio economic or even ethnic backgrounds. You have to tailor lessons to suit different learning levels as well. Not all students are bright. There would be many students who would require special care and a different sort of approach towards learning, a skill which can com e in handy for an education career.