The Advantage of a Christian School

If you are a parent trying to decide on a private school for your child, you may want to seriously consider sending your child to a Christian school. There are many Christian schools across the country and they are affiliated with many different Christian denominations. Probably the most well-known Christian school is the Catholic school network affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. However, you will find non-denominational Christian schools as well. In our part of the country, the Mennonite church has a large number of Mennonite schools.

Many people erroneously assume that if they are not a Christian that they can not attend a Christian school. Or, that you can’t attend a Christian school of another denomination. This is entirely untrue. Most, if not all, Christian schools accept students of all faiths and beliefs. Some schools may require that you attend a church on a regular basis or attend a church of the same faith. However, most Christian schools only require that you have the same or similar Christian beliefs that they do.

Christian schools are typically priced a little lower than other private schools since they usually are supported by a local church and consider their schools a part of their outreach ministry. Most also offer financial aid to help those who might not otherwise be able to afford private school.

One thing your child will get at a Christian school is an excellent education. Christian schools are held to the same standards as public schools so the classroom time is very similar to public schools. However, Christian schools will also have Bible teaching as part of their curriculum. But you will also find English, Math, Science, Art, Social Studies, History, Home Economics, and other classes that your public school offers. They will also offer many of the same sports such as basketball, field hockey, soccer, track and field and others.

Attending a Christian school is like attending a public school with the added benefit of having Bible teaching. Also, since it is a private school, the class sizes may be smaller and the teaching may be better for this reason. And since Christian schools are run with Biblical principles, discipline problems may be lesser.